Larkshall Bookings

Larkshall availability is given in the table below. The weekend dates are Fri/Sat unless otherwise stated.  Bookings are normally for complete weekends starting on Friday night.  Preference is given to complete weekends but single night bookings may be available nearer the date.  Bookings are valid for a 24hr period commencing at 6.00pm.

Mid-week bookings are very welcome.  There are two guest bunkroom with a total of 31 spaces.  Room 1 (R1) has 19 spaces with alpine style bunks.  Room 2 (R2) has 12 spaces with a selection of single bunks and one double bunk. Camping is possible as required. Bookings marked (P) are provisional.  If you are interested in a provisionally booked weekend please feel free to check if it has been confirmed.

There is normally a minimum charge of 10 per person unless alternative arrangements are made with the Bookings Officer.

Enquiries should be sent to the Bookings Officer.  (Note: To use the email address [at] must be replaced with the @ symbol)


Guest Bookings

Guest No's (31 Max - 12+19) Member No's

Club Events / Holidays etc
(Go here for more details on club trips)

Oct 10/11 Cardiff University CC 19 (R1)
Oct 17/18 Reading University CC 25
Oct 24/25 University of Kent MC
Tom Page (P)
19 (R1)
Committee Meeting / Waterwheel Swallet trip
Oct 31/1
Nov 7/8 Club Bonfire Weekend / Manor Farm / Tynings
Nov 14/15 Tuesday Climbing Club
19th Enfield Scout Group
19 (R1)
Nov 21/22 Jenna Brookman (P) Full
Nov 28/29 University of Surrey MC (P) 19 (R1) Lionels Hole / Singing River Mine trip
Dec 5/6
Dec 12/13
Dec 19/20
Dec 26/27
Jan 2/3
Jan 9/10
Jan 16/17
Jan 23/24
Jan 30/31
Feb 6/7 Merlin Caving Team (P) Full 6
Feb 13/14
Feb 20/21
Feb 27/28
March 6/7
March 13/14 ICSM Mountaineering Club (P) 20
March 20/21
March 27/28
April 3/4 Easter Weekend
April 10/11
April 17/18
April 24/25

Bookings enquiries should be sent to the Bookings Officer.   (Note: To use the email address [at] must be replaced with the @ symbol)

(P) signifies booking is provisional subject to confirmation upon receipt of deposit.

(S1) or (S2) after numbers signifies Bunk Room 1 or 2 fully booked.

Members do not need to book, but are advised to check if space is available if bringing guests.