Cerberus Spelological Society - Contact Information

Written correspondence should be sent to [Officer Name], Cerberus Spelaeological Society, 3 The Acorns, Oakhill, Radstock, BA3 5BT.

The Secretary can also be reached by telephone on 01749 840795 - home/work, 07977 290003 - mobile.

General enquiries telephone 0845 467 4459.

For Larkshall bookings telephone 0845 475 0954.

Officers 2019/2020

Chairman: Rick Gledhill

Secretary: Graham Price

Treasurer: Ben Hannen

Caving Secretary: Tim Ball

Training Officer: Vacant

Hostel Warden: Lee Angell

Hostel Booking Officer: Rick Gledhill

Social Secretary: Vacantl

Equipment: Paul Hadfield

Editor: Vacant

Muddy Times Editor: Vacant

Librarian: Rick Gledhill

Safety Officer: Lee Angell

For email address links please replace [at} with the standard @.

Society Headquarters: Larkshall, Fosse Road, Oakhill, Somerset, BA3 5HY.  Tel: 01749 841072

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