Harridge Wood Area Nature Reserves

The Society controls all cave and archaeological related activity within the Harridge Wood area nature reserves on behalf of the owners, Somerset Wildlife Trust.

The area covered by the agreement includes Home Wood (Ashwick Grove), Limekiln Wood, Harridge Wood West and Harridge Wood East.  There are no major caves in the area however there are a number of digs and sites of minor interest including Ashwick Grove Risings, Clares Crevice, Harridge Wood Hole, EMMC(A), Wishing Well etc. 

To visit any of the sites it is necessary to have a permit issued by the Society.  These are often available at weekends from the Society's Headquarters, Larkshall, Midway, Stoke St Michael (Tel: 01749 841072).  In case of difficulty or to make prior arrangements please telephone 01749 840795 or email the Society at 'harridge[at]cerberusspeleo.org.uk'.  There is a charge of 50p for a permit and this is normally issued for the day of the visit.

Conditions of Issue of Permits

Permit holders are deemed to have read and understood the following:

Permits are necessary for the use of the Harridge Wood Areas on which cave and archaeological sites are situated. A Permit subject to the conditions and regulations stated below must be issued to any person to use the caves and archaeological sites as defined in the Lease granted by Somerset Wildlife Trust to Cerberus Spelaeological Society.

The land to which this permit gives access is a Nature Reserve and subject to various regulations governing its use. Any rules and regulations posted on site must be complied with.


The holder of the permit undertakes that:

1. In using the Harridge Wood Area for speleological or archaeological purposes under a permit from Cerberus Spelaeological Society he/she does so at his/her own risk.

2. The Somerset Wildlife Trust and the Cerberus Spelaeological Society shall not be under any liability for any damage the holder may suffer crossing land to, in the caves or archaeological sites .

3. The holder acknowledges that any permission to use the Harridge Wood Area may be revoked at any time and that the permit issued will be surrendered on demand. This permit is not transferable and is liable to cancellation at any time without prior notice.

4. This permit shall be produced to any Servant or other authorised agent of Somerset Wildlife Trust or Cerberus Spelaeological Society or their tenants on demand. No person is permitted in the caving area who is unable to produce a permit unless on a public highway.

5. This permit is granted by the Society on the understanding that its issue shall be subject to the Regulations of the Society in respect of the caving areas. A copy of these regulations is available upon request.

6. No material, geological or biological sample, is to be removed from a cave without the express written permission of the Society. The Permit holder is assumed to have read and understood these conditions and regulations.

7. Bats may be present in the caves. They are protected by law and must not be disturbed under any circumstances. Any sightings must be immediately reported to the Society.

Other Regulations

1. No-one under the age of 16 years is permitted in the caves. Persons aged between 16 and 18 years must provide a completed parental consent form before a permit can be issued.

2. Novices must not be introduced to caving in the Harridge Wood Caves.

3. Where any gates are fitted these must be kept secure at all times.

4. No digging is allowed, nor are fixed aids to be placed in any cave, without the express permission of the Society.

5. The use of carbide is not permitted.

6. Recommendations of the Cave Conservation Code, Minimum Impact Caving Code and Code of Ethics should be complied with.

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