Cerberus Spelæological Society

Technical & Research

For many years the Society has been involved in a variety of research projects and members have gained considerable experience in many technical matters associated with the study and exploration of caves and the karst environment.

A number of projects were carried out a number of years ago in association with the preparation of the publication on the caves of Fairy Cave Quarry.

Past projects have included a comprehensive study of the drainage of the Ashwick and St Dunstans Well catchments.  Many water traces were undertaken which highlighted some inaccuracies in previous work by others.  It is hoped to make this information available online in the near future.

Currently a major project is underway dye tracing the swallets on the south side of Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill Water Tracing

The objective is to determine which catchment the area immediately to the south of Beacon Hill (roughly centred around ST650455) belongs.  There are two main swallets that take flow from this area - Beacon Slocker East (6423 4553) and Beacon Farm Slocker (6378 4533).  Wet weather sinks include Beacon Slocker West (6417 4553) and Cistern Slocker (6398 4567).

There are many risings/springs within in the area including- St Andrew’s Well, Wells (ST 552 459) - flow around 4 million gallons per day, St Adhelm’s Well, Doulting (ST 6452 4321) - flow around 50 thousand gallons per day, Yellingmill (ST 6301 4568), Beacon Farm (ST 6379 4538), Stomacher Farm (ST 6232 4790), Windsor Hill (ST 6220 4548), Beacon Hill (ST 6425 4570), Cistern (ST 6405 4570).  Some of these are multiple springs.

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